What formalities do you need to prepare for a loan?

Non-bank loans are one of the easiest ways to quickly improve your financial position. They are easily available, uncomplicated and provided on favorable terms, which is why more and more people trust them. Cash loans , despite being granted on simple terms, constitute a group of financial products. Such transactions must always meet certain standards to secure the interests of both customers and non-banking companies.


Simple loan, simple formalities?

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Online payday loan, despite their unflagging popularity, are still treated by many people as second-class products. A traditional bank loan is considered credible and secure financial support, as opposed to non-bank loans, which raise unjustified doubts. Meanwhile, cheap credit from a non-bank company must also meet stringent security conditions to avoid fraud and dishonesty. Clients have to take into account the formalities that must be completed undergoing the credit procedure, but they are kept to a minimum.


What documents do you need to prepare to get a simple loan?

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Probably everyone has seen an ad more than once encouraging to take a quick loan without leaving home. From the customer’s point of view, this is encouraging, because he realizes that he will not have to queue and avoid all the complicated procedures associated with taking out a loan from the bank. A simple loan without certificates is not burdened with complex procedures, but customers are required to pass the verification process. This does not mean that you have to complete piles of documents and deliver them to the lender. The whole process is done by logging into the banking system , and the only document required is an ID card.


How does the company verify users?

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Non-bank loans owe their popularity to simplified conditions and a lack of formalities. Loan companies require applicants only an ID card , and this could involve fraud and scams on your data. A simple form of credit does not mean that the company will grant a loan to a person who is unable to confirm his identity. In order to ensure the protection of clients’ interests, the protection of their data and the security of transactions, lenders provide three options for identity verification:

  • Transfer – after the application has been approved, the customer will be asked to make a one-time transfer per penny. The transfer must be made from a personal account that is owned by the person applying for the loan.

  • Pontomatik service – this method also requires access to electronic banking, but there is no need to make a transfer. The Pontomatik service is about confirming the compliance of the data in the application with those on which the bank account is created.

  • GIRO check – you can still use the personal verification method. In this case, the entire verification and cash withdrawal procedure takes place at the post office. After successful consideration of the application, the user will be sent via text message and email the information needed to cash the GIRO check. In this case, you have to report to the post office, where after showing proof will be paid.

In terms of security, it is also worth addressing the topic of data protection. Many people are afraid of carrying out financial transactions via the internet. According to a study by BIK, ” 41% of Poles aged 15-65 have experienced various forms of data security threats, and 62% of us are afraid of threats in cyberspace .” 1 Verification by electronic banking is only about confirming your identity. There is no risk that the company will somehow use the data or store it for purposes other than verification.


Simple loan payday loan step by step

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Since the security issues have already been clarified, it is also worth analyzing the entire loan granting procedure. It is limited to online activities as it makes it easier for customers to get a loan. Each reliable non-banking company has its own website through which the client can get in touch with a consultant and go through the entire loan process. In fact, to get a simple loan, you only need to set up your profile on the lender’s website and send the completed form. After a positive loan decision, it will be necessary to undergo the verification process mentioned above and wait for cash.


How to take a simple loan with a simple repayment?

How to take a simple loan with a simple repayment?

An extra cash injection is certainly the most enjoyable part of any loan. Quick cash loans allow you to finance the most-needed expense, but you also have to reckon with their repayment. The offer of non-bank companies includes short payday loans or installment loans. For people who appreciate simple credit rules, a traditional payday loan for 30 days may be better . You do not have to watch over installments on time and struggle with debt for a long time, giving everything back within the deadline.


How to choose a cash loan favorably?

How to choose a cash loan favorably?

When deciding to cooperate with a loan company, you should first of all specify your requirements. This is mainly about the amount of the loan and its repayment time, because late payment leads to serious consequences. A simple loan calculator , which is available on most lenders’ websites, can help determine the repayment amount. It often comes in the form of sliders that adjust the amount of the loan and get information with all its costs. If you know that you can’t pay everything back on time, contact your lender immediately. He will offer you a consolidation loan, which will relieve you of your liability and avoid additional fees for late repayment.

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